PURPOSE - Cross Data Inc., is an Authorized Pearson VUE  (IT Exams & State Exams )- PAN -CASTLE Worldwide - Kryterion - ISO-Quality-PSI/Lasergrade Testing site. Our purpose is to provide exams for certification and for other Federal and State requirements through the use of our testing center. 

With today's technology demands, we recognize that you need more than just a degree, certificate from a learning institution or years of job experience. ( Click on UNDERSTANDING YOUR OPTIONS ) We specialize in providing people the opportunity within today's technology demands to become a certified professional by earning their certification credentials and also as required by Federal and State authorities, organizations and departments through the use of our testing center with the direct authorization and support of Pearson VUE (IT Exams & State Exams), PAN, CASTLE Worldwide Testing, Kryterion, ISO-Quality, PSI/Lasergrade Testing organization and its Federal, State and local authorized sponsors. 

ABOUT US - Cross Data Inc. (est. since 1983) is supported by certified professional  personnel with years of hands-on experience and educational achievements with major companies and universities. I consider those real world work experiences and educational achievements an important contributing part of our professional personnel support.

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Marilyn Waters, Test Proctor Associate

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