Cross Data Inc., Certified Test Proctor Administrator will monitor you continuously during your testing session and will be videotaped. Study time is NOT allowed in the testing center. Once you check-in at the reception desk, you will be seated at the first available seat.

You are expected to comply with the following regulations during the entire time that you are in the testing area. These regulations will be strictly enforced.

Pearson VUE for IT Exams,  Pearson VUE test candidates will be given a note board. Pearson VUE - Kryterion - Iso-Quality Testing test candidates will use paper and pen or pencil) (PSI does not require writing materials such as the use of pen-paper or calculators on some exams) during your test, and you are responsible for returning note board/s ( Paper and Pen/Pencil) to your administrator at the end of your testing session. All test candidates will be provided ear plugs in a sealed plastic package and noise cancelling ear phones. Should you be provided with an exhibit to use during your test, it is your responsibility to return the exhibit to the administrator at the end of the testing session. You will receive your Pearson VUE, validating your exam, after the note board/s (Paper and Pen) and the exhibit have been returned.

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